Year Round Selections

Our lineup has evolved since 2017 and will continue to change over time. Today we make the beers in this category as consistently as possible and they are regularly available in our taproom as well as in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Rhode Island and in Southeastern Massachusetts.

For a list of what is currently in the taproom and available for pickup please visit our takeout menu.


Sour Series


Ripples Sour Series offers our Head Brewer the chance to explore his passion for sour ales with a variety of hughes air co fruity options.  We change this one up often, but there are a few flavors that make frequent visits to the taproom line up.

Seasonal Beers

Seasons change, and so do these brews.  This group offers our fans a wide range of favorites and gives us all something to look forward too as the weather changes.

Specialty Beers

Every year we make an anniversary ale to celebrate another year in business. Visit  We also have the great privilege of working with other incredible breweries on collaboration brews when time allows for it.  These beers may only happen one time, but we know they have been a hit with our fans.