Currently On Tap

We are thrilled to finally be brewing beers at the Farm. Our taproom lineup is constantly rotating with new options available weekly.

Current Beers on Tap:

Updated: January 23, 2023

A slightly hazy IPA with slight bitterness and strong aromas of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. ABV 6.5%

A traditional German lager with a crisp finish and notes of caramel and toasted grain.  Golden copper in color..  ABV 4.9%

Who doesn’t love a hug?!? This american style double IPA, is crisp, hazy, and juicy from the copious amounts of Citra hops. ABV 8%

This New England style Double IPA is as bright and vibrant as its namesake location on Ocean Drive. Hazy and crisp with notes of tropical fruits, red berries and citrus.. ABV 8.5%

This New England style IPA is light and easy drinking. A smooth and hazy pour with tropical & fruit notes.

ABV 6.5%

This smoked lager uses a combination of light and dark roasted malts to give it a dark appearance but lighter mouthfeel. Notes of well-roasted malts and hints of caramel and chocolate are overlaid with a light but present smokiness and lead to a clean, dry finish. ABV 4.8%

(COLLAB WITH CUSTOM HOUSE COFFEE) This delicious seasonal coffee stout uses generous amounts of chocolate malts and a unique blend of cold brew coffee styles. A slight sweetness followed by a roasty, coffee finish. **Contains Lactose**. ABV: 5%

A citra hopped New England style IPA. Hazy and hop forward. Notes of citrus sorbet and fresh oranges lead to a clean, smooth finish. ABV 6.3%

Our home town was once known as Pocasset or “where the stream widens”. This classic style pilsner is a nod to the simplicity of home. Light, golden, and crisp our pilsner balances malty sweetness with mild bitterness and a clean finish. ABV 4.8%

A west coast style IPA that drinks crisp, with a light body. Notes of citrus are balanced by light hints of floral, spice, and bitter. ABV 6%

A full-bodied classic Hefeweizen. Sweet and fruity with notes of banana and cloves. ABV 4.1%

A rich, dark and smooth Imperial Stout using an impressive bill of dark roasted malts. The result is a high ABV beer with a delightfully easy finish. Strong notes of chocolate and hints of raisin. ABV 11%

A refreshing and tart hard lemonade. We use 100% real lemon and key-lime fruit to give our hard seltzer an all-natural sweetness and color. ABV 5%

*made in a facility that also processes wheat

Natural cranberry and mango puree adds a tart twist to give this kettle sour a bit of extra pucker . ABV 5%

A blend of all-natural fruit puree adds sweet but tart twist to give this kettle sour a bit of extra pucker . ABV 5%

100% pure passionfruit puree adds a tart twist to give this kettle sour a bit of extra pucker . ABV 5%

Available Locally

In addition to our variety of beers available at the Farm, you can find some of your favorites below at local liquor stores, bars and restaurants.