Currently On Tap

We are thrilled to finally be brewing beers at the Farm. Our taproom lineup is constantly rotating with new options available weekly.

Current Beers on Tap:

Updated: July 14, 2023

A slightly hazy IPA with slight bitterness and strong aromas of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. ABV 6.5%

A traditional German lager with a crisp finish and notes of caramel and toasted grain.  Golden copper in color..  ABV 4.9%

Who doesn’t love a hug?!? This american style double IPA, is crisp, hazy, and juicy from the copious amounts of Citra hops. ABV 8%

A west coast style IPA that drinks crisp, with a light body. Notes of citrus are balanced by light hints of floral, spice, and bitter. ABV 6%

A smooth English-style Extra Special Bitter Ale. Well-balanced with notes of caramel, biscuit and honey. ABV 6%

English Porter with an American twist. This deep brown ale has a roasted coffee aroma, rich toffee flavors with hints of chocolate liquor. ABV 7%

(COLLAB WITH CUSTOM HOUSE COFFEE) This delicious seasonal coffee stout uses generous amounts of chocolate malts and a unique blend of cold brew coffee styles. A slight sweetness followed by a roasty, coffee finish. ABV: 5%


A citra hopped New England style IPA. Hazy and hop forward. Notes of citrus sorbet and fresh oranges lead to a clean, smooth finish. ABV 6.3%

A crisp berry sour that has been fruited with loads of raspberry puree. ABV 5%

A sweet and refreshing change for a hot summer day! Natural cucumber and lime flavors add a tart twist to give this beer a bit of extra pucker . ABV 5%

A classic unfiltered farmhouse style ale brewed on our 37 acre property in Portsmouth. A spicy malt blend and traditional hop bill paired with a French saison yeast. ABV 5.6%

A refreshing and tart hard limeade. We use 100% real lemon, key-lime fruit, and dragon fruit flower to give our hard limeade an all-natural sweetness and color. ABV 5%

*made in a facility that also processes wheat

This Russian-style imperial stout is dark, delicious and rich. It has notes of roasted chocolate and sweet molasses. ABV 9.5%

The cornerstone of the Ragged line-up this OG was the first beer we ever brewed. Well-balanced, full-bodied, traditional west coast influenced double IPA. Notes of caramel, pine resin, and citrus accompany a hop bitter finish. ABV 7.8%

A gorgeous straw yellow New England IPA with very slight bitterness and strong notes of tropical and stone fruits. ABV 6%

A full-bodied classic Hefeweizen. Sweet and fruity with notes of banana and cloves. ABV 5.1%

Available Locally

In addition to our variety of beers available at the Farm, you can find some of your favorites below at local liquor stores, bars and restaurants.