hey this is Alex at accessories International and you’re watching our detailed breakdown of the reckless fairing available at accessory international com the reckless fairings come complete with a high-quality fiberglass construction a built in stereo system and a personalized windshield we’re gonna cover onto all the features on this guy but let’s start off with a faring construction well let’s get started the faring starts off with an injection molded fiberglass process and is then finished and trimmed with the latest CNC technology for a perfect fit and finish the fiberglass construction of these fairings is both durable and repairable any minor cracks and damage can be easily repaired in comparison to an ABS plastic Fang which would be trashed after any minor damage now all reckless fairings are designed and engineered in the USA and carry a 5 year limited warranty for specific fans you can also select the style you want the fairing to be in the styles come in either a smooth finish or a vented look finish keep in mind the vented look is only for cosmetic purposes and will not have any functional vents all wreckless fairings are manufactured in black gel coat and use a direct bolt-on mechanism for a simple installation the fairing arrives assembled and can be easily painted over with minimum prep for a custom paint job if you’d prefer something other than the black gel coat that we provide the windscreen for the fairing will also be included as well as rubber seals and gaskets to allow the fairing to withstand any rain and road vibration you may encounter as your ride now within the fiberglass construction you can notice a 12-volt power outlet for your convenience and taking a closer look into the construction you can also see the embedded metal threads which are used for the  r6 fairings
two combined the outer and the inner shells of the fairing this makes it much easier to periodically take apart the fairing for any maintenance or service that you may want to give it I don’t in time next up we have the complete built-in stereo system all installation and wiring will be pre done for you for all available stereo options that we offer now there is a variety of different stereo options to select from for the fairing for the speaker’s you’ll have three different available options first up are the speakers that you have in front of you those are the two six and a half inch speakers the speaker model is the rockford fosgate punch piece 1650 and it’s a full-range speaker with a 55 watt rms power rating second you have the 2 6 by 9 inch speakers these will give you a bit more power than the six and a half inches the speaker model of the six by nine inch speakers are the Rockford Fosgate P 1690 two speakers and it’s a 2-way full-range speaker with a 65 watt RMS power rating lastly for the most power you’ll have four five and a quarter inch speakers the speaker model is a P 152 and it’s a two wave full-range speaker with a 40 watt RMS power rating as well these are the three different speaker options and  r1 fairings
depending on what you’re looking for in terms of volume and aesthetics you can choose accordingly now for the center stereo unit you’ll also have three different options to choose from as well as an additional amplifier that you can add first the Infinity PRV 250 rocker Rockford Fosgate that’s the radio unit that we have here on this specific ferry this stereo unit includes wireless bluetooth streaming to pair an iPhone or Bluetooth device AM and FM radio capabilities two auxiliary inputs and a USB input for a USB stick on top of that the unit is a 50 watt 4 channel system which will include RCA outputs and is fully waterproof and UV stable next up is the PM x2 rockford fosgate the major difference between this unit and the PRV 250 which i just covered is the full 2.7 inch color display as well as a Pandora internet radio included in the unit and lastly is a PM x3 Rockford Fosgate this unit also includes a 2.7 inch color display that the PM x2 includes on top of that it also includes that internet radio but additionally it also includes a variety of additional features which you can find in our item description under the reckless fairings which we offer which offer this upgrade now for the PM x2 and PM x3 radio units which we just covered you’ll also have the additional option of a handlebar control or a wireless remote these will both allow you to control basic radio functions like volume song forward or song back and pause or play as for the additional amplifier you can select the punch PBR 300 x4 Fosgate which is a 300 watt full range amp to give your stereo system an extra punch of power without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system it’s also important to note that these stereo and speaker upgrades are only available for specific fairings depending on what motorcycle therefore because of ninja 300 fairings
the size and the dimensions of the fairings now diving into the additional features of faring includes you have the option of selecting the type of shields you’d like wind deflectors a windshield trim and an airbrush logo which will be directly on the fairing so let’s start by covering the windshield with the windshield on the fairing you’ll have two different options to select the windshield height which is offered in either five inches or ten inches and the windshield finish which is offered in either a clear finish or a lightly tinted finish also keep in mind that you can fit your OEM Harley windscreen on the standard batwing fairings as well now moving on from the windscreen you’ll also have an additional option of adding wind deflectors the wind deflectors are offered in either an adjustable version which will allow you to adjust how much when you’re getting or a fixed version which is just going to give you the maximum wind protection at all times aside from the wind deflectors you also have the option of a windshield trim offered in either silver or black and to add even more style you can also choose from two different airbrush logos being either the harley-davidson logo or the harley-davidson skull logo for more information on this fairing you can visit our website through the link included in the description below you can read more info on the fairing and get your opinion to decide if this fairing is really for you you can catch this fairing as well as many others online at our website and if you have any questions for us you can reach us at eight eight eight seven two five three six seven nine make sure to LIKE and subscribe to our channel for the latest on product news and updates I’m Alex and we’ll see you next time There may be some motorcycle accessories you need: motorcycle fairings