I’m about to paint this motorcycle but first I’m attack of this gas tank it got a real bad creased in in it I thought about trying to pull it out but the crease pitted sharp I didn’t want to drill holes in it so I decided to farm without fiberglass so sit tight we’re gonna see can we get it done I got this gas tank on front of repair as you can see it’s a real and bad creased dent in it so I ain’t gonna drilling our holes and then try to pull it out it’s pretty creased up so what I’m gonna do I’m a fiberglass this part here and I’m gonna take it through the steps of doing it but let me so you’re around the tank so you had look I’m gonna fix out of the dense but that’s just amazing then that this spot seal yeah good dent right here in this box yeah just a major there’s nothing to take care I thought about trying to pull it out but that creased a pretty sharp and any one of drilling the holes in the tanker net like that so I’m just going fiberglass this I’m finna take my grinder I got a flat disc coming and I’m finna grind all this down to motor and to take care of it I’m cuts back on [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] once you finish grinding it down take you some wax and grease remover while some lacquer thinner I mean use lacquer thinner go ahead and wipe it off clean get that dust off I couldn’t grind up in here because I don’t want to take no chance with grinding no hole in the Tang with the grinder they creased kind of sharp I’m gonna take a wire brush to something clean that out but I’m gonna wipe this down then I’m gonna cut it back on all right I got a wipe down okay what’s next I’m finna get ready to give me some phone some spray phone I’ll come to spray foam this up in he’ll build it out and once it’s dry I’m gonna trim it down to where it need to be I’m gonna turn it on so you did side this I want this side the same shape I forgot to mention this here so I got a hot spot you might can’t tell but it’s hot right here so I’m gonna have to take my hammer and knock this part down before I fill it up with fun plus this part here I’m gonna have to knock that in because it’s sticking out too far I got the spray phone apply it it’s pretty much right now but the reason why I put this spray foam on here because I wanted to build  yamaha r1 fairings

it up before I start doing the bodywork on it because you just don’t want to feel your damp with filler because it’ll crack and it just ain’t gonna work right so I’m gonna put this foam on here then I’m gonna trim it down pretty much how I want it then I’m gonna come back over this this phone with fiberglass fiberglass met it’s gonna be like huh it ain’t gonna be too thin of a piece of fiberglass mat I’m gonna kind of build it up and make it pretty much started but you just don’t want to feel your dinner with no filler because it’ll crack overtime but come on trim it up widow I just got my knife at the kitchen I’m gonna trim it up with this here get it down like I want it then I’m gonna come back with my fiberglass mat I’m still working on trimming my phone down I started my shape behind wanted but you see where I took my black sharpie it kind of draw it it out out of shape it’s taking around in front so you see how that side is I’m trying to get this side the same way it ain’t got to be perfect right none because once I put that fiberglass mat on them I can kind of form it on up to when I do that but I’m gonna try to get it smooth as I can now so it’d be less work when I put that fiberglass mat on but you can see map the trim is on down string that on down not too they kind of felt the image dis on to him the reason why I had granted all this on now it’ll be easy the feather is that fiberglass met I’m to it because this part he’ll hi just you know it’s moving on that with the footage let me get back to trimming and we’ll cut you back on see how to r1 fairings    knocked it down around my outlet got it knocked down I’m gonna knock this back down now I got a pretty much shaped up I’m gonna do now I’m gonna take my da go ahead and smooth it on up try to feel the easy I ain’t wanted to half I want to come in low so I can build it up with five lads met see if I got a too high right now when I build it up with met its gonna bring this up a lot higher than that just finished wiping it down with some wax and grease remover and blowing it off I’m finna get ready to put some ribs on this phone so get over isnt gottem arisen over him make sure you get some gloves got an old paint cup did I mix them clip in earlier I’m just gonna use it and a chip brush just a hardened paint stirrer I got my resin in the cup and it take it over here and start spreading it all the time you want to do is just cover this phone try to keep your phone haul it once this resin dry just gonna be hard as a brick just soaked it pretty simple okay I got a good coat arisen enough I’m finished all and my fiberglass mat now this man here it’s my bundle you can also get some by Elva coat I think it’s a little better but you know it’s whatever you prefer you can pick this up from Walmart Lowe’s with Home Depot but concealing you got to give it to local body shop or online but I got me some pieces he’ll turn the tick over I’ll just kill him lay it out on now then give me some more isn’t take it over here just go to dab in it you get the pizza let me finish this up I got one layer of resin and fiberglass net got another piece I’m gonna soak this up in risen you know see how it’s coming along don’t this two layers of fiberglass mat and risen I’m going to mix up some more resin too late not another layer I got like five or six layers of fiberglass mat I kind of lost count might be six I know it’s fire but we’re gonna let this dry out and see what kind of strengthen gap I’m gonna trim this excess fiberglass off our way around here you want to go ahead and do

that before this resin get hard you can put your hand on it if it sticks in the raid and heat it on put it on so you want to go ahead and trim that off it’ll make your job a lot easier as you can see out on trim the excess fiberglass met off my house so there’s just edge all the way around but I’m gonna do that in the morning also gonna have to shake this on up I still can see my sharpie marker so that’ll help but it’s pretty hard now this next morning I started knocking it down with the DA right huh did you continue go ahead and take it outside finish knocking it on down some cuts it back on I summer I got this front shaked up as you can tell kind of got it fill this blended it in it’s gonna take a little bit more work to get it right though I’m gonna go ahead and knock this back down I’m gonna drop my land back down through here so I have a guideline what I’m gonna go ahead and knock this back I’m gonna cut your back on I’ll finishing up on my sander now trying to get it shaped up about got it these little spots here I put some bundle glass in it around her also just expel the engine I’m gonna get some paint stripper let’s skip out of this paint off I’m gonna go ahead and get this drift off then I’m cutting back on right you get off center point you gotta chill the match I do but seeing and telling where that whole bottom I got it back in the booth you got a stripped down to bare metal once I use that paint stripper and a plated knife I came back with my DA with someone eight on it and windows it as you can see right here I got a low spot low spot you got three little spots over here right here right there I think that’s about it what I’m gonna do now open the mix up some glazing we’re not glaze and put it with some lightweight filming mix up some lightweight fiddler see them a little low spots look also gonna put some lightweight fill over here get that up so I can tell the agent on out I got my lightweight full of spread it on ain’t full of drag yet once it dried I’m gonna go ahead and sign it down and I think I’m gonna go ahead and shoot some prime on it today I got the tank sanded down I’m gonna get rid of shooting you some prime on it you’re gonna see once I shoot this prime my eyes on State Farm you you this time was from 30 torna you  2006 gsxr 600 fairings