hey how’s it going guys got some exciting news today package showed up it is a new faring kit for this you might be thinking I why do you need a new faring kit well I guess I don’t really need a new faring kit but this one is 20 years old this is the original and I have a hole here on the side and I don’t want to talk about it no I didn’t fall or anything it was just a stupid accident had it in the back of the truck and it tipped over on its side landed right there I popped a hole in the back piece here I tried looking for a matching piece but they’re they’re pretty pricey the ones that I could find so I figured it any more sense just to buy the whole kit until I come across a cheap kit for that but I’m not gonna dispose of the body it’s still in mostly good shape there are a lot of clear coat scratch marks and swirls as you would expect I think on a 20 year old bike one that’s been ridden it’s got about thirty three and a half thousand miles 30 37 right now I think honestly yeah this is stuff that would bus and everything and it’ll look just fine doesn’t really have any deep scratches none that you can get a fingernail we’ll call him so it’s all pretty still pretty good shape but anyway the package so I bought this faring kit online no I haven’t opened it yet that’s why I have this I spent I want to say it’s like 350 or 380 dollars I don’t know my wife ordered it so thank you wife there we go I don’t have to cut too deep or anything I don’t want to wreck it always cut towards yourself with a knife that’s what I’ve been told so I’m just kidding I’m breaking the rules anyway whatever okay so when I looked online before I get too into this thing from China smells weird oh okay smells a little weird anyway before I get to any of this it says it came with a new windshield the tank the fairing kit and everything I’ll pre pre painted ninja 250r fairings
it pre painted and all the bolts did I say the windshield I think I did anyway okay open this up knife down let’s see what we got here excited first order of business let’s start with what’s on top right like what are these bulbs fireflies oh is it for your tire caps I think it is yeah okay that’s kind of neat I wasn’t expecting that looks like a whole bunch of different colors here I’ll open it up real quick okay well that’s kind of neat it had a grip for the tank and two of these looks like they go on your valve stem look at those later I wasn’t expecting that so anyway back to this oh I think this is a heat shield pretty sure wait where do I even start looks like we got this you know what I think I’m gonna do no you know what I’ll pull it all out that’s how they fit it all in this box I’ll the piece here when it comes out the easiest the old piece here I want to see it because it’s painted another piece here oh I think I saw some orange in there I bought an orange kit orange is my favorite color well I shouldn’t say I bought it my wife bought it it’s our money that she picked it out she knows I like orange here’s the new windshield nice I don’t even know if I’m gonna put it on I guess I’ll see how the finished product looks here’s the current windshield it’s also I think from being cleaned for 20 years also has light scratches all over it but I got I don’t know if I want to put it on or not just because if anything happens to that one or two my windshield I’d rather have it happen to that one there then I can put the new one on see what else we got another piece I’ve been wanting to get this one out just because it’s big and so I put this cardboard on the ground I’m gonna lay out the pieces next to r1 fairings
the bike kind of get a picture of how it’s gonna look first I’ll have to open everything and see so far everything is looking pretty good just leave that there is it going to be the two biggest pieces yeah I think is probably one of the rear it goes like this yeah all right so here’s what I’m gonna do for you guys so you don’t have to watch me pull crap out of a box I’m gonna pause it and once you come back it’s all gonna be open up and ready to go okay so I know when I said that when I come back everything is gonna be open up and ready to go but no I couldn’t wait I open up the tank that was the first thing I got oh my god beautiful I don’t know if my camera is gonna show the detail in here let’s see yep that’s got like a real nice sparkle in here and I just had my garage lights they’re really not the greatest I only got these so it’s nothing fantastic as far as lighting oh this looks great look at that less than $400 Wow wow that’s nice okay back to business well it’s really looking pretty good look at that old new I still I love this color though that one this is awesome Wow keep going all right so here’s everything outside ninja 300 fairings the packaging except the windshield I don’t know if I’m going to use the windshield I already have one I got shine pretty freakin good deal was it like 350 dollars all the pieces out looks really really nice so I’m not gonna have it in this video but my next video I’ll have the disassembly of that and the Assembly of this going on the bike see how that turns out thanks for watching