Anchor Breweries – All You Need to Know About the Home of Anchor Beer

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Anchor is a very famous brewing company. An important part of San Francisco’s rich history, Anchor brewing was established in the year 1896. It was later bought by F.L. Maytag III, in the year 1965, and moved to its current location in San Francisco in 1979. Anchor beer gained popularity across the nation because of its beer’s high quality and its exceptional taste. Anchor brewery’s demand began to increase steadily and the value of the company started to rise. Anchor Brewery is now one of the leading beer breweries in the world.

The brew made at Anchor’s are all unique and eight of them are available. Each one is manufactured in a traditional brewery which still practices old beer brewing traditions. Every bottle of beer brewed in Anchor’s brewery is done so in a brew house made of copper. The beer is made purely out of malt. The brewery has traditional equipment used for manufacturing the beer – the equipments are handmade, learn coding and act as reminders of breweries and brewing methods that were rendered outdated across the ages. The traditional equipments now stand in breweries along with modern sophisticated equipment to manufacture beers that are high on quality and taste!

The beer manufactured at Anchor’s is known also as Anchor’s Steam Beer. These beers are concocted with extreme care and the traditional classical brewing techniques have always been used for manufacturing beer so as to keep the taste original. Anchor also takes extreme care when it comes to quality and hygiene and gives nothing but the best for their customers. This is accomplished by state of the art modern equipment.

Every bottle and every keg manufactured at Anchor’s is refrigerated in the brewery, in warehouses and of course, in pubs. The sanitation maintained is exceptional at all stages of beer manufacturing and shipping, and is ensured by the brewers at all times!

Anchor steam is an amber colored beer. It is a product of the ancient art of brewing in a concoction. The beer’s crisp taste testifies the efforts put up at Anchor’s for brewing beer. It also clearly exhibits the experience of the brewers working at Anchor’s brewery.

Anchor’s Brewery also started a microdistillery. Old Potrero, a single malt whiskey and Junipero, a gin were launched after it’s opening. The latest addition to their sales is Genevive which is a gin, manufactured with the same ingredients used for Junipero.

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